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Hyperemesis Gravidarum
It's more than morning sickness...
an introduction 
3rd-Dec-2007 09:29 am
pink skull hat
I just thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm a little over 8 weeks pregnant with my first child. I've had pretty bad nausea since the very beginning. I was literally sick within days of conception. Since then, it's just been ratcheting up.

On Saturday, things came to a head when I couldn't keep anything down - no fluids, not even water. I threw up around 6 or 7 times total. I finally went to the ER that night and was given two liters of IV fluids and some zofran.

I received a presciption for zofran (was filled with generic yesterday). I felt okay most of yesterday (it seemed to last nearly 24 hours), but by the evening, I was feeling hideous again and took a zofran. Of course, 10-15 minutes later, I threw up. But I think I may have absorbed some of it because I felt a little better last night.

This morning I woke up feeling horrible again and I took another zofran (I'm allowed to take them every 8 hours) and I guess I'm feeling a little better, but I haven't eaten today. Over the last 48 hours, I've basically had 2 Sprites, some watered down apple juice, a dry piece of toast, one banana, some sport's drink, one small popsicle and some broth. That's it.

I'm starting to worry about my nutrition. I already had an appointment scheduled with my OB for tomorrow, but I'm terrified that I'm going to be like this my whole pregnancy. The zofran helps, I guess, but my stomach still feels weird when I'm on it and it makes me dizzy, drowsy and gives me a headache.

I'm praying this will end after the first trimester, but I'm terrified it won't. :( This is so depressing and debilitating. I never thought my pregnancy would be like this.
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3rd-Dec-2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
Mine lasted to about 5-6 months as well. Your nutrition will go down hill. They may give you fluids when you go to the OB. That can help that.

As for the throwing up:
Try.. Gatorade, to stay hydrated. (Water can actually make you puke. And its horrible when you vomit it up... But Gatorade.. still tastes like gatorade the other way around, so thats good)

Also, try to find one food that doesnt seem to trigger it. I had a friend for whom it was peaches, for mine surprisingly spaghetti.

Try bland foods, and keep crackers by your bed.
Good luck
3rd-Dec-2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
Have you tried cutting the Zofran in half and taking it every four hours? Honestly eight hours is a long stretch for something as strong as HG.

Talk to your doctor about Unisom (yes the sleeping pill:)) and vitamin B6. You can buy Unisom at any drugstore. Take 25-75mg of B6. My body needed Unisom every three hours (I admit when the pain was really bad it was more like every two hours) and would only tolerate 25mg of B6 in the morning.

And you need to take the medicine even at night! Set an alarm. You cannot skip or your symptoms will come back even harder!

Do you have any odd cravings? Some days I ate nothing, literally nothing, and some days I could eat McDonald's or sushi. No matter how odd the craving try it! Food is food.

If it gets worse there are additional steps like home IV or a PICC. Please visit http://www.hyperemesis.org/ and join the forum for a lot of help!
3rd-Dec-2007 05:28 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry you've got HG! None of us would wish it even on our worst enemies.

Have you been to www.helpher.org ? That site is an AMAZING resource and the forums are especially helpful. Just knowing you're not alone is so comforting.

Zofran works better as it gets established in your system, so keep on taking it on schedule. Sometimes people give up after the first dose without realizing they have to let it build up a bit for the best results. Try to stay hydrated as well since it won't do much good if your blood isn't flowing well and getting it where it needs to go due to dehydration.

Just take things a day at a time and good luck finding your 'safe' foods. They're different for everyone (Coke and waffle fries for me), but they mean a much easier survival.

Really though, definately check out the forums at helpher.org if you haven't already!

Hang in there and remember, this too shall pass!
3rd-Dec-2007 07:07 pm (UTC)
Hello and welcome. I'm so sorry that you are going through all this. As you can see here, you have a lot of support because we all know how hard it is to go through this.

You should definitely visit http://www.hyperemesis.org because there are wonderful people there and a lot of support. The forums are excellent and there are a lot of tips too.

Now, I wish I could give you more advice but I had a very severe case of HG so nothing worked for me at all. So it's hard to tell you to try things when I can't vouch for if they would work or not. But listen to these lovely ladies above. My HG lasted my entire pregnancy as well. I was vomiting up until I was drugged into unconsciousness. One of the main things to do is make sure you have a good doctor who understands HG because there is nothing worse than dealing with doctors who think you are just being wimpy or who tell you it's all in your head. As stupid as it sounds, I felt vindicated when I was admitted to the hospital the first time (and subsequently ended up on disability) seeing as another hospital had told me to suck it up and my employers thought I was just being a whiny wimp.

Also, remember that you always have options. There are other anti-emetics you can try if you feel zofran isn't working for you.

I would try not to stress about your nutrition right now. Like I said before, I had a really severe case of HG and had to be fed through a PICC line by TPN. I could not eat or drink anything. The entire pregnancy. And thankfully, my daughter is fine. I know it's hard not to stress but try not to. Keep trying different foods to see what is safe and what is not. Be prepared for some foods to be okay one day and not another.

Remember that we are all here to give support as well as the lovely ladies over at HER. And, again, talk to your doctor and if they aren't being helpful then try and find one who will be. HER tries to keep an updated list of doctors who deal with HG throughout the country.

I hope we all have helped you even a little. If you need anything, just ask.

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