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Hyperemesis Gravidarum
It's more than morning sickness...
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16th-Jan-2007 08:55 am - here we go again
little house
Well I am pretty early on in my second pregnancy and after a visit to the ER for hydration on friday, I am on generic zofran. It does seem to curb the nausea since I can hold some liquids down, but I could not keep any food down yesterday and tried an Ensure but couldn't keep that down either. Despite all of this, since I got treatment/meds so early on this doesn't feel as bad as my first pregnancy, when early on I knew almost nothing of HG (My family has a history of severe morning sickness but no one had ever brought up that term before). The helpher.org site has been very helpful and I signed up for a buddy through that site.
21st-Nov-2006 05:13 pm - hello again
thanks for all the support everyone! i went on helpher.org and found more help there. things are getting a little hectic, last thursday my picc line got infected so i was hospitalized over the weekend and got it removed and i now have a new line in place in my left arm. To make matters worse my blood is infected so i am currently on antibiotics 3 times a day for the next 10 days. blah. which sucks.

I am not taking a conjunction of zofran and phenergen in order to try to curb my vomiting... im down to 4 times a day and only throw up violently if i try to eat. So on friday i got switched onto TPN which is working real slow... my numbers are still very low...

Im surviving. :)
16th-Nov-2006 01:51 pm - Just some thoughts
Me with pink lips!
My husband and I have made the final decision to try to conceive starting this month. It's been over 7 years since I was pregnant last, and I think it's been enough time to make me complacent. I'm under this delusion that this time will be different. I feel like my body's changed a lot in this time. We'll see how that theory pans out if we do conceive at all. My thyroid problem has made my periods shorter, but my cycle's still the same and I do ovulate. I'm kind of scared to be wrong though.

And some whining... I responded to someone's post regarding controlling their vomiting and just mentioned that she see if she's having symptoms of HG because there are other options for people who do. Her response wasn't mean or anything, just gave me flashbacks of when people used to treat me like I could control the nausea and vomiting. She said something that made me think she felt being diagnosed with HG was a choice. I don't remember her exact words but I know she said she'd lost 20LB already. 20LB and she felt she could will herself to stop throwing up. Whatever it was triggered my resentful feelings toward everyone who doesn't understand. I still feel like crap 7 years later. How pathetic is that? Time to let it go I think.

Well, time to go drop someone off at school! Bye :D
16th-Nov-2006 04:43 am - hello new member
I see this community is a little dead but im glad i found it. :) I am 16 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with severe hyperemesis. I have lived at the hospital during the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy. They know me there! I spend all my days vomiting no anti nasuea meds work for me. I vomit anywhere from 10+ times aday. Finally I got a PICC LINE in last friday and have been doing better my vomiting has gone down to a 5-10 times a day. I am stil unable to eat or drink anything. So i am currently being fed 24 hours through the line after having hydrationg therapy for a couple of days. Has anyone lived through this? Anyone have a picc line? Thanks for the support!

My arm hurts but i can finally sit up at the computer for about half an hour!
17th-Oct-2006 05:21 pm - New member :)
Hi, my name is Beth, I found this community through cru5h's icon journal 0nly_icons and think it's a great idea :)

I'm the mother of 2 and a half girls... #3 is due Christmas Day to New Years Day. I'm 30 weeks along this week and I am still throwing up. Zofran is my friend, and helps me get through the day - nothing else I've been proscribed works.

That's about it for now... I've had hyperemesis with all three pregnancies, with my first born I was hospitalised 6 times before I was 4 months along and ended up loosing close to 50lbs before it got under control. With my second, I had it the entire pregnancy, but also a lot of other health issues too - kidney stones and gallbladder and ended up loosing about 30lbs in the end. Then with this one, I am down about 30lbs already, though it's stable right now and baby is measuring a week ahead of her growth charts :)

Anyways, I'm pleased to meet everyone and to offer any help I can in the future!!
11th-Oct-2006 09:17 am - Were you able to hold a job?
Me with pink lips!

Did HG affect your ability to hold a job during your pregnancy?

Yes, it affected my abilities - I was completely unable to hold a job while I had HG.
Yes, it affected my abilities - I was able to hold a job in the early stages, but could not later on.
Yes, it affected my abilities - I missed many days/ weeks of work, but still held onto my job.
No, it didn't affect my abilities to hold a job while I had HG.
11th-Oct-2006 12:55 pm - Thank you!
Me with pink lips!
The community's still young and small, but I wanted to thank you for actually being active participants in it. It really makes the place a "support community" when you post your stories, welcome new members and answer their questions. I didn't even think this community would have more than a couple of members, and granted we only have a few more than "a couple" but you're really caring, and that's what makes the difference in the quality over quantity thing most communities try to balance. Thank you.

If you're rocking an HG icon and informing other people of this place, thanks again!
10th-Oct-2006 05:52 pm - Question.
crow b&w
Hey Ladies,

I'm Melanie :)
I was wondering if any of you ladies developed a fever in your pregnancy? My SIL is 16 weeks pregnant, and has been hospitalized for hyperemesis about 5 times now. She is currently in the hospital right now and has spiked a fever. She's freaking out, and I have no idea if it's fairly normal or something to be really concerned about.

1st-Oct-2006 03:34 pm - The thyroid connection...
Me with pink lips!

Did you develop a thyroid problem during/after your HG pregnancy?

I'm not sure.
30th-Sep-2006 12:39 pm(no subject)
Woo, a community for this!

im 15/16 weeks along and have HG. Great fun it is too. I am on zofran ever 4 hrs but it has since worn off and doesnt work, though i still take it anyway. I am throwing up a good 3-5 times a day, and often wonder why I eat :P I did live off ensure for 2 weeks but even then I vomited.

At my first ob visit i was 125 and I am still not at that weight yet, but I have traveled back from the teens to 123. Go me!

All in all, it sucks :P When does it go away?!
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