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Hyperemesis Gravidarum
It's more than morning sickness...
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23rd-Feb-2008 01:11 pm - Difference
Emo Woe
I can't tell if I'm sick with a stomach virus or suffering a flare up of "morning sickness." My head hurts - could be either cause & I don't have a temp - I usually don't either way.

What's the difference?
3rd-Dec-2007 09:29 am - an introduction
pink skull hat
I just thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm a little over 8 weeks pregnant with my first child. I've had pretty bad nausea since the very beginning. I was literally sick within days of conception. Since then, it's just been ratcheting up.

On Saturday, things came to a head when I couldn't keep anything down - no fluids, not even water. I threw up around 6 or 7 times total. I finally went to the ER that night and was given two liters of IV fluids and some zofran.

I received a presciption for zofran (was filled with generic yesterday). I felt okay most of yesterday (it seemed to last nearly 24 hours), but by the evening, I was feeling hideous again and took a zofran. Of course, 10-15 minutes later, I threw up. But I think I may have absorbed some of it because I felt a little better last night.

This morning I woke up feeling horrible again and I took another zofran (I'm allowed to take them every 8 hours) and I guess I'm feeling a little better, but I haven't eaten today. Over the last 48 hours, I've basically had 2 Sprites, some watered down apple juice, a dry piece of toast, one banana, some sport's drink, one small popsicle and some broth. That's it.

I'm starting to worry about my nutrition. I already had an appointment scheduled with my OB for tomorrow, but I'm terrified that I'm going to be like this my whole pregnancy. The zofran helps, I guess, but my stomach still feels weird when I'm on it and it makes me dizzy, drowsy and gives me a headache.

I'm praying this will end after the first trimester, but I'm terrified it won't. :( This is so depressing and debilitating. I never thought my pregnancy would be like this.
21st-Nov-2007 07:43 pm - Finally!
Hello ladies. I thought I would share this with you all. I'm sure most of you know about the HER foundation and have been to their site and the such. Their forums are filled with wonderful women as well if you ever want to take a gander. Anyway, Kimber, one of the founders of HER was interviewed by the Today Show. On top of that, NBC Nightly News also did a piece on Hyperemesis. I think that this is yet another positive step in the right direction for all woman who have or are suffering from HG. It's nice that it's finally getting out there and, maybe, there will be women who have HG but aren't getting the care they need who saw that report and were uplifted and encouraged. We all know the feelings that come along with HG so it's nice that it's finally getting the attention needed so that maybe something more can be done so that less and less women will have to struggle with this. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the link for the video.


Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

31st-Jul-2007 08:23 am - Letting go
Me with pink lips!
Does anyone want to take over maintaining this community? I don't post on Livejournal anymore really, and I'm definitely not around enough to give this place the proper attention. Just let me know and it's yours.
15th-Apr-2007 11:29 pm - montel show
I happened to watch Dr Phil the other day, which I never do, and the show was on hyperemesis!! I was so shocked (and cried during it). It was actually pretty accurate information about the disease as well as providing resources (www.hyperemesis.org) for viewers to find information, support, etc.

I thought it was neat because so few people actually know what it is and even fewer can understand that it's real! Giving a voice to all of us who are suffering or have suffered through it is such a huge steppping stone in helping future cases.

I hope you are all well. :) Michelle
14th-Mar-2007 01:46 pm - miscarriage
little house
Last monday I miscarried. I was supposed to be around 13 weeks but they told me the baby had stopped growing a couple of weeks before that and there was no heartbeat, so I had a d&c. My HG symptoms had lessened just after 10 weeks but I just thought that nearing the end of the first trimester I was naturally feeling better. Until that point I was on generic zofran tablets which helped.

My DH and I are already talking about trying again. The hard part would be potentially going through HG all over again and that it could be as bad as it was with my first pregnancy (PICC line, TPN, etc.) Apparently miscarriages are more rare with people going through hyperemesis gravidarum. I have an appointment with my doctor on monday so I am already making a list of topics to discuss.

I am looking forward to watching the Dr. Phil episode on HG and as soon as they release the air date I am going to tell family and friends to watch as well.
15th-Feb-2007 01:59 pm - New Here..
Hi Everyone!

I just found this community after searching for Hyperemesis and I'm so surprised to see you all. I'd never even heard of Hyperemesis before getting pregnant, being very sick and diagnosed with it. At first, I really thought that I was just having a tough time with morning sickness and that I had to suck it up and try harder to feel better. Boy was I ever disillusioned.

I don't feel like my case is as bad. I only lost 16 lbs. My doctor was adamant about getting it under control quickly and wasn't slow to try Phenergen and Zofran. The Phenergen didn't work at *all.* I dare say it made me sicker. The Zofran (as long as I'm taking it regularly) *does* work, however, and I'm able to keep some foods down. I was hospitalized at the end of January for dehydration but I was only there for 4 days and I've felt better since getting re-hydrated. That's not to say that I don't struggle every day with waves of nausea and, sometimes, vomiting but it's so much better than it was even a week ago.

I'm hopeful that I feel even better in a couple more weeks. I'm on short-term disability from work right now. Luckily, they've been very nice and understanding about all of this. I just want to go back to my normal life. I want to be able to get up and move around and shower without getting sick. I want to stop missing all the social events (like Valentine's Day :( My husband and I decided to pick another day later when I'm feeling better and celebrate it then). I just want to be normal again.

I guess I should just count my blessings that I haven't been as sick as others (like some of you) have been.

All for now. Happy to find this place.

10 weeks, 3 days
Me with pink lips!
The following is an email sent to me by the administrator of "HER Forums".

Message sent follows:

If no - you can disregard the remainder of this email.

A producer at Dr. Phil has offered to include a segment on HG in an upcoming show. To best show the reality of HG, we would like to video a woman with severe HG - PICC line/TPN, etc. There is no cost or requirements from you. They will install the cameras and do the video.

If you are will to participate in this important project, please let me know ASAP. Your face will be shown and you will be given the opportunity to talk about how HG has affected you. It's ok to have a messy house and no make-up. That is how it is. Some of the realities we want to reveal are the debility and the impact on thinking and emotions. The show is definitely not intended to show women with HG as psychologically unstable, but rather garner empathy and compassion, as well as a greater understanding of this disease.

Please email me the details of your situation and your phone number if you are interested. We are short on time, so let me know ASAP.

Thank you!


If you want to participate, you should probably go become a member of their forums over there. I'm SO glad they're doing this.
25th-Jan-2007 01:01 pm - Ello
Hey all *waves*

Just found out i'm pregnant, (1st pregnancy) and have been dianosed with HG at the same time. Have spent that last three weeks feeling very sick and sorry for myself and I'm very glad to find this community here.

I'm very happy I'm pregnant, although it was unplanned I feel it's a blessing. I just wish that I could feel better physically.

Currently my doctor has tried me on cyclazine - didn't work, and Avomine - makes me drowsy, doesn't seem to be helping much otherwise.

Any tips? ideas?
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